What You Can Do at Pumpkin Festival Events

The pumpkin festival is held every October. If you plan to attend any upcoming events, you will want to register beforehand. Registration guarantees a better chance of obtaining free admittance into all five of the festival’s venues, as well as the opportunity to take part in activities, demonstrations, and photo contests.

Registration begins on Friday, September 3rd, and runs until Sunday, October 6th. Those who are unable to attend the festival due to illness or other scheduling conflicts can still register. The process requires you to return to the event location between the hours of Monday, October 8th and Tuesday, October 9th. Guests are required to show proof of identification and a photo ID during the check-in process.

If you are attending any of the pumpkin festival events, you may want to consider registering through the county’s tourism commission. The festival features numerous shops, exhibits, street performers, and food vendors. At each of the participating venues, visitors can purchase pumpkins, browse through literature about the history of the harvest, and chat with representatives from the local pumpkinrescue group. Additionally, there will be several activities, including art and craft vendors, face painting and interactive photo contests.

Registration fees start at just $25. You can also enjoy the benefit of early entry into the festival. Online registration is available via a secure server. Once you submit your information, you will receive your confirmation email containing your wristband, festival wristbands for your family and friends, and a map to the venue. The map and wristband will be scanned at the entrance for confirmation so you will be able to enter the premises early.

If you would prefer to skip the hassle of an online registration and instead would like to arrive in person to the pumpkin festival, the facilities at the Ovada Warehouse will be ready for your enjoyment. This is an ideal place for a pre-event party because there will be plenty of parking, plenty of tables and chairs, free hot chocolate and juice, live entertainment, and lots of refreshments to choose from. For your safety, no one under the age of eighteen will be permitted to attend the event. However, if you bring a child, a valid photo ID will suffice. For more information on when and where the event will be held, contact the business at (231) 827-6200.

October is National Pumpkins Month, which has been celebrated since 1988. Visit the festival during this month to see the amazing selection of pumpkins and other fall treats on offer. 

If you’re wondering what the big deal is about the colorful pumpkin festivals, it’s all about promoting responsible food waste and making kids understand the impact of food waste. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the color of a pumpkin reflects what is in it because the orange and yellow colors are derived from the ground. The colors of a pumpkin are also related to the time of year because red represents the harvest, orange and yellow represent the late summer season and butter to brown represents the fall. This is why you should visit the pumpkin festival during these times of year. In addition to promoting responsible eating, the businesses at the apple orchard and squash fairs will give out prizes in the form of baked treats, cash or gifts for visiting the fair, and other promotions. Not only will these businesses use these fairs to promote themselves, they will also encourage people to bring their own pumpkins to trade in the event that they won’t be able to attend the fair.

Besides promoting responsible eating, the pumpkin festival is a great way to get into the spirit of October by showcasing squash, apple and pumpkin products. For example, farmers’ markets and squash fairs will have a variety of different products, including pumpkins, squash, gourds, melons, and cucumbers, to give you plenty of fresh veggies to sample as well as locally grown food. At the apple orchards, you’ll find delicious apple and pumpkin jam, kettle corn, squash chutneys, and cider, which make for a fun afternoon or evening shopping. At the fairs, you’ll find lots of variety, including cheese, handmade fruit and vegetables, hand made soy chutneys and pumpkin bread.